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In this section, you can find brief information by the most frequent questions asked by visitors. If you do not find an answer, you can fill in the form, we will work on your question and post information.

Participation in a clinical research entails certain risks. They can be connected to the medicament itself, i.e. treatment can be accompanied by unpleasant effects which are unknown to the doctor. That is why the goal of such a research is to study properties of a new medicament. The risks can be connected to the procedures […]

Clinical research is scientific, experimental research involving people. The goal of a clinical research is to figure out efficiency and safety of a medicament. They can be carried out in order to enlarge indications, set new doses of previously registered medicaments

Postmarketing surveillance studies are targeted at collecting data on the efficiency and safety of the medicament after it has been registered. The main goal of postmarketing surveillance studies is to collect information on how this medicament is prescribed as a daily treatment, and which new, previously undetected side effects can occur. A clinical research that […]