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Health care

In the medical center CoMed you can get high-quality healthcare services based on modern diagnostics and treatment methods.

The main areas of focus are diagnostics, as well as treatment with using of modern methods.

The center implements the programs on medication adherence. The effectiveness and safety of any drug depends directly on how correctly the drug is being taken. This is the medication adherence. It is an important aspect in the treatment of various diseases. To stick to medication adherence means taking medicines as recommended by the manufacturer. In this case, the goal of CoMed employees is to help patients to take medicines correctly and monitor their intake.

Patient compliance is a level at which patients follow their doctor’s indications about the time, frequency and dosage of medical treatment.  Patients and doctors must agree on the treatment plan. Patient compliance describes a level at which these patients follow their plan. Patients can be considered fully complying if they complete the following aspects: take […]

Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) is a type of social insurance that presents a system of legal, economic and organizational measures, taken by the government, and aimed at providing a guarantee for free healthcare for an insured individual, in case of an insured event, at costs and expenses of compulsory health insurance within the territorial program of compulsory health insurance and in cases stated by the